If it’s true that listening to just the right record at just the right moment can psychically transport you to some other time and place, then Charly Bliss—an NYC band responsible for having crafted some of the finest guitar-crunched power pop this side of an old Weezer record with a blue cover—can pretty much turn any space into an adult-friendly version of your old teenage bedroom, a candy-scented safe space for extreme fits of happiness and angsty teen-level explosions of romantic ennui.

Though Charly Bliss has been a band for over half a decade, the path that led to their first full-length record, Guppy, has been anything but straightforward. As the story goes, the band officially started when frontwoman Eva Hendricks and guitarist Spencer Fox, both just 15, crossed paths at a Tokyo Police Club show in New York City, but the ties within the band go much deeper than that. “It’s kind of insane and hilarious,” says Eva, “Sam is my older brother, so obviously we’ve known each other our whole lives, but all of us have been connected to each other since we were little kids.”

After spending years playing shows in and around New York City, the band eventually released an EP (2014’s Soft Serve) and scored opening gigs for the likes of Glass Animals, Darwin Deez, Tokyo Police Club, Sleater-Kinney, as well as a touring spot for their own musical forebears, Veruca Salt.

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Watch the video for ‘Percolator’ below:

Plus support from MUTES

Mutes are no strangers to the many haunts of Birmingham’s music scene. Having self-released a steady stream of experimental EPs, the group recently worked with independent label FOMA to release No Desire – their sprawling debut full-length album.

Featuring the kraut-indebted ‘Vanishing’ and the gut-punching ‘A Burial’ singles, ‘No Desire’ sees the band work through urgent noise-fests, slow-burning drone sequences and seductive siren songs with assured ease.

FFO: Sonic Youth, No Age, Mission of Burma.

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Watch the video for ‘A Burial’ below:

Plus support from COFFEE BREATH

Formed in the winter of 2015, Coffee Breath collate together aspects of math, emo and indie styles through intricate guitar work, impressive drumming and introspective vocals.

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Watch the video for ‘Kites’ below:

Plus support from THE CHALET LINES

The Chalet Lines is Birmingham’s solo moniker of Joseph Parker, a venture into a soft lo-fi and emo pop. chalet lines is for fans of the midway between Death Cab for Cutie, Frankie Cosmos, Pinegrove and the sad period that River Cuomo went through.

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Listen to ‘Maybe One Day I’ll Go To Glasgow’ below: