Candid are an up and coming four-piece indie rock band from Coventry, inspired by the likes of Catfish and The Bottlemen, Arctic Monkeys and Kings of Leon.

After grinding away in the studio for months, their debut single ‘Moving On’ was released in late November 2016, with the latest single ‘Rumours’ due for release on 12th May.

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Listen to ‘Moving On’ below:




Plus support from GIANT PARTY

Giant Party are a soul-splashed four piece based in London Town. On July 7th 2017 they release their second single proper called ‘Tongue Tied Lightning’ via Label Fandango, and a cool, smooth number it is too, wherein soft focus keys and beats supplement some suitably supple vocals. Indeed, there is a slinky, subtle funk feel to it all which is casually reminiscent of both Blood Orange and Twin Shadow. The track will be premiered by Noisey on 5th July.

For Giant Party have perfected a sound which is living in the ‘80s but also alive to the thrilling pan-generic possibilities of the modern age. The live show is a smoothly genteel riot of fluorescent lights and fluid, lithe grooves, embodied by a guitarist throwing around a Spandau Ballet fringe and a singer rolling around the stage amidst the shocking pinks and luminous lime greens. Far from any throwback tribute act however, Giant Party behave like an already-excellent alt.rock band who have just discovered the silky delights of Top Of The Pops circa 1982.

“One essential new release to get obsessed with…like an extension of Twin Shadow’s early work – rough-around-the-edges but brimming with melody” – DIY Magazine

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Listen to ‘Ambulances’ below:

Plus support from GRIM FICTION

From the hills of Shropshire, Grim Fiction bring you their unique brand of alternative psychedelia, filled with swirling guitars and soaring choruses.

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Watch the video for ‘Dream Sequence’ below:

Plus support from MONDAY CLUB

Since releasing their debut single ‘Let Me Know’ in early April 2017, the new indie Birmingham four-piece Monday Club have been working towards their self recorded EP that is looking to be released later this year.

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Listen to ‘Let Me Know’ below: