In 2003 Alden Penner cemented himself in the annals of indie rock history as the co-founder/singer of The Unicorns. Montreal’s beloved dysfunctional art-pop outfit imploded shortly after the release of their now seminal album Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone? (8.9 Best New Re-Issue, Pitchfork). Following a series of low-key self releases Alden Penner is back with a new EP Canada In Space out June 29th via City Slang digitally and on limited edition vinyl.

“There are more Canadians than any other nationality represented in the planned Mars colony. The Canada In Space EP is an imagining of the dreams, reveries, phantasms, hallucinations, psycho-spiritual projections, naïve mythologies, actions, visions and experiences of an abandoned crew before, during and after it’s permanent journey to Mars; the compression of time; dispersion, fragmentation of states and generations in space; ultimate detachment & wormholes.”

Featuring his friends Michael Cera, Laura Crapo and Farley Miller he will be touring the UK and EU in June/July playing songs from his new EP Canada in Space along with songs from throughout his career.

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Listen to ‘Meditate’ below:

Plus support from THE ADAM BROWN

The Adam Brown take their moniker from: a) a 19th century locomotive that traveled through British Columbia; b) the birth name of their lead singer; c) all of the above. Their rock-and-roll is fierce stuff that will make you pump your fist, and maybe even headbang.

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Listen to ‘You’re Supposed To’ below: