New York noise purveyors A Place to Bury Strangers return with their fourth studio album Transfixiation, due for release 17th February 2015 via Dead Oceans.

Rather than fixate on precious recording techniques and minute details, the members of the group — Ackermann, Lunadon, and hard-hitting drummer Robi Gonzalez — trusted their instincts and tried to keep things as pure as possible. If that meant a mess of cross-contaminated microphones and mud-caked mistakes, so be it. Music is much more exhilarating when it’s unpredictable, and from the tortured straight-to-tape transmission of “I Will Die” and molten funk melodies of “Straight” to the violent guitar spasms, cannon-like drums and not-so-idle threats of “Deeper,” this is very much an unpredictable record. Gonzalez makes his recording debut with the band here and he’s helped push the band’s recorded sound closer to the intense level of its infamous live shows.

“There are moments where I’m really scared on stage,” admits A Place to Bury Strangers bassist Dion Lunadon, “where it’s really foggy and I know someone’s swinging a guitar around. I don’t give a f**k though; if a guitar is about to hit me in the head, oh well. It’s going to make for a better show.”

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Watch the video for ‘You Are the One’ below:

Plus support from SEPTEMBER GIRLS

Dublin-based five-piece September Girls brought together darkened, noise-pop melodies awash with garage rock overtones in the same vein as Veronica Falls and Vivian Girls. The all-girl outfit was formed in 2011 and took influences from ’90s shoegazers My Bloody Valentine and the Jesus and Mary Chain, as well as Phil Spector-inspired lush harmonies, which rose above their fuzzy distortion and thudding drums. Their reverb-soaked vocal melodies were offset by gritty guitars and droning organs that drew comparisons with tourmates PINS. A handful of singles were released on various indie labels throughout 2012, including a cassette on PINS’ own label, Haus of Pins, and a 7″ single on California-based label Matinée, before Fortuna Pop picked them up.

In 2013 the band returned to Dublin where they wrote and recorded their debut full-length critically acclaimed album, Cursing the Sea earning them fans including Bobby Gillespie, Andrew Weatherall and Jon Spencer (Blues Explosion).

Their follow up EP Veneer was released in November 2014 through Fortuna Pop! and is made up of four tracks, each written and sung by a different member of the band. With a fiercer and more abrasive sound, the EP sees the band defiantly shrug off the 60’s girl-group comparisons they received following their debut. As NME says, ‘Embittered and angry definitely suits September Girls’. 

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Watch the video for ‘Veneer + Black Oil’ below’

And opening support from FAUXCHISELS

Birmingham-based “shouty punky noise” duo Fauxchisels have recently expanded to a shoutier, punkier and noisier quartet, bringing in two former members of sadly-disbanded local darlings VICTOR on drums and additional guitar.

Taking direct inspiration from various bands in the local Birmingham scene, and having a deep-seated love of all things loud, Paul set about putting the band together in late 2013 with no greater desire than to have some fun, write some songs, do some shouting and play some gigs.  After a dozen gigs as a two-piece and drum machine, the new line-up made its debut at the Rainbow in January to an emphatic response.

The band are getting ready to head to the studio in Spring 2015 to record their debut album.

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Listen to ‘Mad Max Too’ below: