Birmingham Promoters are delighted to announce a new UK album tour from 9Bach in spring 2016. These special shows will coincide with the release of their second album on Real World Records, and the tour will call at Hare & Hounds Birmingham on Wednesday 4th May.

9Bach made their name by taking traditional Welsh folk songs and recasting them onto a spectral and haunting sound canvas. Their 2014 album Tincian was the worthy winner of the coveted Best Album in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2015.

Tincian is an evocative and emotional hybrid of the folk tradition and contemporary influences. Building on a deepened, almost ambient sound-picture, the songs take you into the landscape of 9Bach’s home environment of Gerlan, North Wales and the emotions that evokes.

Ethereal female vocals, harp, guitar, electronics, dubby beats, smart arrangements and a pounding rhythm section – 9Bach’s songs are captivatingly original, inspirational and emotionally charged.

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Watch the session video of ‘Wedi Torri’ below:

Plus support from TWELFTH DAY

Twelfth Day are fiddle player Catriona Price and harpist Esther Swift. They both sing – often in unison, creating a new voice that is neither one nor the other. They both write – together, weaving traditional folk with classical elements to create a music that’s outside of genre. Lyrically they combine their own experiences, inspirations and dreams, informed by musical travels around the globe and their upbringings in Orkney and the Scottish Borders. They are inseparable.

Their newest release Shell Story (2015), is a mini-LP incorporating new original tracks as well as remixes from their last full album The Devil Makes Three. The music on the two records brings together everything these women have heard and learned, over many years of playing and studying, to form a musical statement about who they are. The records surprised and thrilled broadsheet music critics and the folk press alike.

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Watch Twelfth Day perform ‘Romanze’ below: