Over the course of their lush, strange, defiantly unclassifiable sophomore album Althaea, London duo Trailer Trash Tracys condense a number of disparate styles into music that thrillingly broaches the void between figuration and abstraction. While undeniably beautiful and quite often infectious in parts, this is certainly not pop music by any traditional definition; rather, it appeals to the more intuitive of mind and wild at heart. More than simply becoming a philosophical exercise however, the result is their most ambitious and idiosyncratic body of work to date, one which operates at the very limits of what pop music can be.

Their debut, Ester, released in 2012, manifested the band’s approach to making music as a fine balance between chaos and order, laying out a dense and dreamlike ecosystem of Sufi poetry, Solfeggio scales and, floating above it all, Susanne Aztoria’s otherworldly yet emotionally charged vocals.

Initially conceived as a soundtrack for a film by esteemed cult Filipino director Raya Martin, Althaea, sees the band continue their investigations into the farther flung reaches of pop music, with stunning results. If their debut 2012 album Ester was adventurous and exploratory in nature, Althaea is its grown up and sophisticated older sister: having embarked on their singular artistic course, with the new album Trailer Trash Tracys consolidate their strikingly unique language and tonal style.

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Watch the video for ‘Eden Machine’ below:

Plus support from ALFRESCO LOVE SOUNDS

Alfresco Love Sounds is the ongoing music project of Tom Ward – a young, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Birmingham, UK who writes and records dreamy, psychedelic pop tunes. Since the release of his critically-acclaimed debut 2015 album on New Los Angeles Records he has earned legions of fans worldwide, thanks in part to regular radio rotation from highly-influential stations like California’s KCRW.

Now that Alfresco Love Sounds has grown into a full band for the live show experience, featuring Joe Hale and his cousin Miles on drums, Tom and his outfit look poised to become a major force on the festival circuit and far beyond. Alfresco Love Sounds is music to get lost inside of, you should not miss this chance to let yourself be swept away by the tide.

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Listen to ‘Suck A Bag Of Dreams’ below: