Forming in August of 2014, Birmingham 4-piece Semantics are a product of their individual combined styles, emotions and influences.

Their debut EP was released on the 1st of July and was recorded and mixed over the course of 2015 with Ryan Pinson, with the artwork being contributed by Boston based artist Ash Rose. Upon its release it was described as being an “opaque, but inviting, listen, creating swathes of mystery” (Counteract) and one that “will shake those who seek ‘a different sound’ to their core” (Quays News).

After a successful bout of headline shows and support slots with bands such as The Vryll SocietyHoly Esque and Field Studies, Semantics are looking to release and write new material over the course of 2017.

“For those who still associate Birmingham with the bright colours of B-Town, Semantics will offer plenty of food for thought – be careful, though, their jagged rhythms might leave quite a lump in the throat” - Louder Than War

“Besides the tunefulness and impeccable execution (production and sound are topnotch as well), the four bring a presence to bear that can’t help but suggest a powerful future” - Stereo Embers Magazine

Semantics Links: Soundcloud | Facebook

Listen to ‘My Detainer’ below: