Spoort are a new 4-piece band based in Birmingham. Born out of a teenage math-rock project, Spoort channels strong influences of garage rock, hip-hop and jazz.

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Listen to ‘Fish It Out’ below:

Plus support from SCARLET RASCAL

Inhabiting their own beautifully low-lit, wonderfully moody corner of the musical universe, poised somewhere at the crossroads between the nocturnal, rolling soundscapes of Kevin Shields and the coolly detached grandeur of Television, Scarlet Rascal are a unique proposition. Their much anticipated self titled debut album is released on the acclaimed Invada Records, the label founded by Geoff Barrow (Portishead, Beak, Ex Machina).

Scarlet Rascal recently shared the brilliantly raucous, offbeat video for new single ‘Strange’. Directed by James Hankins (Trust Fund, Micachu & The Shapes), a Bristol film maker known for his twisted take on the pop video format, the wild visual is one of the most original videos of the year.

In the bands own words: “The video is a kind of stream of consciousness of police corruption and un-holy sex acts”.

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Watch the video for ‘Strange’ below:

Plus support from GRIM DISCO

Born in a dark, damp and delinquent Birmingham, Grim Disco are an alternative four-piece that produce a modern post-punk sound dripping with influence, angst and melancholy.

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