WATCH: Stevie Parker – ‘Without You’

Stevie Parker has launched her stunning new single ‘Without You’ today, directed by Tom Ralph. The track was premiered on Huw StephensRadio 1 show last night.

Stevie Parker established herself as a striking new talent at the end of 2016 with her introductory tracks ‘Never Be’, ‘The Cure’ and her more recent debut EP Blue. Drawing comparisons with London Grammar and The xx, many critics praised the tender emotion of her inimitable vocal as well as her ability to craft tracks rich in both ambient atmosphere, haunting heartbreak and carefully nuanced touches.

Now the 24-year-old Bristol-based musician takes another bold step forward with the release of a brand new track ‘Without You’. The single sees Parker’s expressive vocal range exploring a cavalcade of emotions from yearning to spirited independence, while the track’s relentless rhythmic march gains in intensity before exploding into a dramatic crescendo. People will relate their own experiences to its central rallying cry “I’m doing alright with you”, but early line “Won’t take a breath boy if I’m breathing for you” expresses both pain and pride with poetic precision.

“With this video I really wanted to convey a sense of isolation, which is at odds with the theme of strength and independence evident in the lyrics.” Says Parker, adding “Kind of makes you wonder what the actual message is and I like that ambiguity! The variety in the locations and the number of them only furthers that, a sense of being just as lost in a sea of people as you are on your own.”

Directed by Thomas Ralph with Caviar Productions, the video for ‘Without You’ juxtaposes Parker’s femininity with a series of settings traditionally viewed as masculine, and also contrasts her solitude in places rammed with crowds. The video features many London locations including the recent Women’s March in Trafalgar Square, Billingsgate Fish Market, the Wansted Flats Sunday league football pitches and Hampstead Lido. The video’s memorable opening aerial tracking scene echoes the introduction to Francis Ford Coppola’s 1974 classic The Conversation.

Stevie has just finished touring with Mercury Prize-nominated artist C Duncan, and embarks on her own headline tour this February.

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Stevie Parker plays The Sunflower Lounge Birmingham on Wed 22nd February 2017, with support from Bryony Williams. Tickets available here.

Watch the video for ‘Without You’ below: